Home Automation


Home Automation

The use of technology including voice/sound/clap activation devices ensure maximum freedom and mobility for NDIS participants.  Our sound and remote activates services include;

  • secure doorways.
  • curtains, drapes
  • electrical plugs, devices and switches
  • taps and showers
  • use of technology for tight spaces 

We install devices that offer a wide variety of solutions for different homes and disabilities, meaning our installers have the tools they require for these NDIS projects. 

In addition to a wide variety of hardware, we offer training and ongoing support for NDIS participants to ensure maximum benefit through better utilisation of technology. 

Home Automation

Typical scope of works Where participants are reliant on physical support to undertake everyday functions like opening doors and operating lights, the criteria for reasonable and necessary NDIS funded supports may be met with home automation, as clinically assessed to meet the participant’s needs, through installation of:

-Automatic door openers for main access and egress for the home, bathroom door and participant’s bedroom door.

-Automatic Gate Openers. -Automated lighting and power control for areas in the home commonly used by the participant.

-Automated climate control for areas in the home specifically used by the participant.

-Automated control of window fittings for areas in the home specifically used by the participant. Emergency call system.

-Video Intercoms.

-CCTV and access.

-Sensor devices or pressure pads where home automation can be used to control the environment and/or medical related assistive technology. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for

-any medical equipment where the welfare of the participant may be at risk and is supported by clinical evidence.


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